Loving Others

A month or so ago, my mom and I were doing yard work at my brother’s house while he was at work. Okay, who am I kidding… I was playing with his Aussie puppy while she was doing work. While we were outside, two evangelistic men approached us and began talking to us about Jesus. … Continue reading Loving Others


That 90’s R&B Kind of Love

Last weekend I drove to my in-law’s house to celebrate a late father’s day. I was driving in my car alone, praying and listening to worship music. I felt that God put it on my heart for me to share something I have struggled with – weight and body image. It’s difficult to write but … Continue reading That 90’s R&B Kind of Love

Talk To Me

Anyone watch the show, The Voice? My husband and I are really into it. We’ve been watching the past couple of seasons and typically have a handful of favorite contestants; they are all equally talented. We almost always cast a vote each week, but our vote is not the same from week to week. Why? … Continue reading Talk To Me