The Heart’s Attitude

At my job I encounter a wide variety of people—those of different ethnicities and race, socioeconomic classes, and education levels. Some are imprisoned, some are at work release, some have successful careers, some are divorced, some are mentally handicapped, and the list goes on. These social factors can influence the patient’s physical appearance; however, it is my job to treat each patient equally and provide quality healthcare despite these differences.

The world shouldn’t be any different—It should be a judgment-free zone. But why is it so easy to automatically place someone in a stereotypic category before even speaking with him or her; or think for one second you know everything about that person and all of the hardships they encountered based on their looks?

You that old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover…” …Because you don’t know the information is on the inside. The same thing goes for people. Appearance doesn’t indicate a person’s worth or reveal their heart.

“…He will not judge by appearance.” Isaiah 11:3b

God doesn’t judge us by our appearance, but He looks at our heart, judging us on character and faith. He is the only One who can truly evaluate a person’s heart, which is why we aren’t fit to judge others. God isn’t concerned by a person’s appearance, so why should we be?

Instead of getting caught up with another person’s appearance, focus on your heart’s attitude. When interacting with others, pray that you “…have the same attitude Jesus Christ had” Philippians 2:5. Refrain from making quick assumptions that are solely based upon visual appearance.

Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes, Ephesians 4:23.

Treat people as Jesus would, and try to avoid having a negative attitude based upon someone’s looks. Remember that God is the only One who can truly evaluate someone’s heart.

What steps are you taking to improve your heart’s attitude?

xo Taylor











Most of you know “you shouldn’t judge others.” However, it is so easy to stereotype or judge an individual based upon his or her appearance. Your mind automatically places them into a category.


Why is the world so different? Stereotypes and judgments based upon appearance are so typical today. Don’t tell me you haven’t ever judged someone based on his or her appearance.



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