Get Out my Busy-Ness

“I can’t, I’m busy…” is the new excuse for everything. Trying to make plans with friends or family can be so difficult because everyone is so “busy” all the time. I get it—work, school, kids, house chores, etc. – life is hectic. There just isn’t enough time in the day. Wouldn’t you all agree?

Busyness can take a toll on the relationships in your life. Recently, I met one of my girlfriends at Starbucks to catch up. I hadn’t seen her since my wedding last May! We lived together for two years in college and took all of our undergraduate classes together—we were super close. Once we both started working, we were just too “busy” to stay in touch. Of course when we met, it was like we were never apart, but we spent almost 3 hours trying to fill each other in on the last year of our lives. We had SO much to talk about. We decided to schedule another Starbucks sesh before we left so this didn’t happen again. We allowed our hectic lives to get in the way of our friendship. The same thing goes for God. Our relationship with Him suffers when we are too busy to make time for Him.

Does the busyness of your life get in the way of your relationship with God? Overwhelming ourselves with endless tasks pushes our time with God to the back burner. And unfortunately, we are only experiencing an intermittent relationship with Him. I recently read an article written by a Christian author who studies the beliefs and lifestyles of Christians (1). He surveyed 13,000 Christians, asking various questions to collect data. 6 out of 10 Christians answered “often” or “always true” to this statement: “The busyness of my life gets in the way of developing my relationship with God.” We shouldn’t be letting life dictate our relationship with God but allowing God to direct our lives!

Now answer me this: what is more important—having a spotless kitchen or spending 15 minutes in prayer, stressing over creating a to-do list or writing down some Bible verses to memorize, packing your schedule with multiple activities or spending some quiet time alone with God, scrolling through your FB or IG feed for 20 minutes or reading your Bible? What I’m trying to say is plain and simple—make time for God! Guys, the laundry is always going to be there. The dishes? Yup, those will be there, too. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish everything you wanted to do for the day. God is more important than all of those things.

I know what you’re thinking. You feel convicted, so naturally you’re already coming up with excuses to justify why you’re so busy. Let me just say—I grew up in the hood, so I’m fairly confrontational. That means I’m calling you (and myself) out. Whatever excuse you (or I) have is crap. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE TOO BUSY FOR GOD. Don’t put God on the back burner for so long that you feel like you’re trying to catch up on your relationship with Him. Busyness can wear you down, but God can provide you with rest.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 28:11

Here are some ways you can “squeeze” in some T.A.W.G. (Time Alone With God):

  • Listen to K-Love or a sermon while you’re commuting to/from work or school
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier to spend time in prayer or read your Bible
  • Cross off the petty “to-do’s” from your list and spend time with God
  • Play worship music while you’re doing house chores

Sit down for one second, and enjoy the life God so graciously provided you… and then thank Him for it! Schedule time in your day for God if that’s what it takes to build your relationship with Him. Slowly but surely you’ll make time with Him more of a priority because you want to—I can guarantee that!

xo Taylor




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