Following Directions

This past weekend my friends and I went to Nashville for a bachelorette trip. It was a blast! We had three cars packed with luggage- yes I said luggage. I think we averaged 3 bags per person for our 3-day trip. Typical girls, ha. Anyways, I was one of the drivers. On our way home, I planned to stop at the halfway point in Elizabethtown to get gas, stretch, etc. About 20 miles south of where I planned to stop, my GPS quickly redirected me to get off the interstate in a couple miles for a detour. There had been an accident causing a 30-minute delay. The detour took us off the interstate, right next to a nice Travel Center gas station, so we got gas then since we were off the interstate already.

Thank goodness for my GPS. It knew what was coming in the future, so it was able to prevent us from getting trapped in that delay. But this wasn’t my plan. I planned to drive a little bit longer before stopping for a break. I hadn’t planned for that accident. Kinda like we don’t plan a lot of things in life- it’s unpredictable. We think we have it all figured out then “Boom!” something unexpected occurs.

Most people aren’t huge fans of surprises in life. You want to know what is coming next. You hate the unknown. You’re always planning or trying to figure things out. Wait a second, I think I’m describing myself, ha. It’s great to be organized and plan, BUT sometimes you get so trapped into this planning cycle that you focus on your own thoughts and forget to listen to God’s direction.


Proverbs 19:21 says, “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” It is useless to make plans based on our own understanding, especially if we allow our emotions to dictate our actions. When we are driven by fear, insecurity, doubt, or other emotions, we tend to look other places for comfort and guidance rather than communicating with God. Only He knows the best advice and is able to give His direction for our life. God wants us to trust in Him and lean on His understanding, Proverbs 3:5.

Back to my corny example. My understanding of my trip home from Nashville was from different from the GPS. I could only see what was directly in front of me. The GPS knew what was coming ahead for the entire trip. It knew where I would experience bumps in the road- construction, accidents, etc.- and where it would be smooth sailing. It knew when to warn me of delays and the best way to redirect my path. But in order for my GPS to work, I had to have it turned on. I had to communicate my location and follow its direction. And when I made a dumb turn, it quickly “re-routed” me.


Think of the term GPS as “God’s Positioning System.” God will position us where He wants us to be to fulfill His plan for our life. We won’t have any idea what His plan is if we don’t have our “GPS” turned on. Communicating with God, praying, and asking for direction will allow our “GPS” to work properly. Catching my drift? No matter where we are in our pathway of life, God can reroute us back to His path. We must be aware if His presence to do so!

The GPS spoke out loud to me to redirect my route because my plan wasn’t going to work. Likewise, God will speak to us and direct us along the pathway for our life that aligns with His plan! This doesn’t mean our life will be free of struggles, but if we follow God’s direction we know the end game is victory. Allow God to take lead in your life. Communicate with Him and ask for guidance. Turn on your “GPS”, and He will direct you along the right path!

xo Taylor


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