New Year’s Resolution #6: Destroy my Vice

Has anyone else been obsessing over the show “This Is Us”? I started the show late; so naturally I had to binge watch all the episodes to catch up. Seriously, I cry or at least tear up on every episode. But that’s beside the point. In one of the earlier episodes, William talks to his granddaughter Annie about his drug addiction, and he refers to cocaine as his “vice”. William had a previous cocaine addiction, which lead his life astray. I’m not sure what William’s relationship with Christ was like (obviously they didn’t discuss that in the show), but I can guarantee that cocaine wasn’t strengthening his relationship with Him. That being said, I think everyone has their own “vice” that shifts their relationship with God in the wrong direction.


What is your vice that is causing you to lose focus on God as the center of your life?

Maybe your vice is money. Maybe it’s your constant battle with weight loss. Maybe you have an alcohol or drug addiction. Maybe you’re addicted to attention from social media- that could be a vice as well. Maybe it is constant anxiety or depression. Maybe it’s a constant the-cup-is-half-empty-type attitude. I bet your vice instantly popped into your mind; mine did.

I like examples, so I’ll give you one. Let’s say your vice is anxiety. Constantly worrying about things you can’t change puts a lot of emotional stress on your body. (I see physical effects of anxiety first hand in the ED, and it’s crazy how much it negatively impacts your health). Not to mention the spiritual effects it has on you as well. Living in constant anxiety creates a distance between you and Christ. The more you focus on your worries and stresses, the further your thoughts are from Christ. However, the closer you live to God, the more space there will be between you and your worries.

Whatever your vice may be, I have no doubt it is getting in the way of your relationship with God. Rather than letting your vice control your mentality, you should be looking at what should be the true center of your life—Christ. Romans 6:16 says “Don’t you realize that you become a slave to whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living.” When you let your vice control you, you have become a slave to it. Satan knows your vice, and he will attack you in that same area over and over again if you let him. But we aren’t going to let him do that anymore!


This year lets focus on turning our vices into virtues (good or useful quality of a thing; righteousness; integrity; strength). Use your previous alcohol addiction to help another person who is struggling with the same thing. Turn your moments of anxiety into moments of communication with God. Find a workout buddy you can exercise with, and talk about Christ during your workouts together. Let’s live our lives in conjunction with God and pray He helps us turn our vices into virtues.

xo Taylor


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